Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Plastic Marble Experiment

Title: Plastic Marble Science
Hypothesis: I predict the rubber marble will just float above the water and move around.

Materiels: Cup, water, marble made of special plastic.

1. Get a cup and fill it up with water.
2. Get the marble and drop the marble into the cup.
3. Wait a few days to see what happens.

1st The plastic marble sunk to the bottom of the cup and it stuck to the side of the
cup like it was a magnet.

2nd The plastic marble disappeared because it was camouflaged with the water and then
little air bubbles started to form on the side of the cup.     

3rd The marble reacted like a sponge and sucked up some of the water to make the plastic
marble get bigger.Now the marble is invisible.

4th The bubbles have disappeared from the side of the cup.
The marble is see through and really bouncy.    

Results: The plastic marble was getting bigger and bigger because the marble was reacting
like a sponge soaking up all the water. The marble was invisible because it was
camouflaging with the water so people would’ve thought that it was just water in the cup.

Adaptation: I would use hot water and see if that made a difference to the plastic marble.

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