Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Prove it 24

L.I. Can I support my ideas with detail?

Ms O Conner is our Principal her hair is short dark brown and curly. Everyday she put on colourful clothes to make her look pretty.  I always see her where sparkly jewellery that shines in the sun. She's got really wrinkly skin. Our principal also wears big rimmed glasses that help her see.

Ms O'Connor helps us by hiring helpful teachers and  helps us by having lots of rules to keep us safe. So have fun at school. I like that she had a really good idea to have a boy's classroom. Also she encourages us to go on camp to.

Ms O'Connor's Job is being a principal at Carlton school. She likes to do computer work in her spare time. I like the way she looks after the school and the community. I see her zooming to school and home on her yellow bike.

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